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    3. ABOUTUS

      ABOUT US


      Contact us

      Address: No.17, Shixin Road, Tongshan District, Xuzhou

      Tel: 13512567272

      Contact person: Shi Dechao

      Tel. &amp; Fax: 85888867 85888826

      Post code: 221000

      Online Message


      • Direct deal

        Direct selling by manufacturers to reduce the difference between middlemen
      • Quality assurance

        Through strict testing, the quality is guaranteed
      • Strict screening

        Strictly select raw materials and make high quality products
      • Custom

        The strict screening of raw material, to do the high quality product
      • Prompt delivery

        Perfect logistics system, fast delivery
      • No worries after sale

        Professional team, ready to answer your questions



      Understand the latest enterprise trends of Xinbo, pay attention to the latest industry hotline, and focus on the new development direction of the market